Children’s Home and Community-Based Services Waiver (CHCBS)

Vitality Care is certified to service children under Children’s HCBS Waiver.  The Children’s Home and Community-Based Services Waiver (CHCBS) is available for children with significant medical needs and who are at risk for institutional care in an acute hospital or skilled nursing facility.

  • Services work with or add to the services that are available to your child through the Health First Colorado State plan and other federal, state, and local public programs.
  • CHCBS also works with the supports that families and communities provide.
  • If your child receives services through the CHCBS waiver, your child is also eligible for all Health First Colorado covered services.

Who Qualifies?

Your child must meet the following financial and program criteria to access services under this program. To use waiver benefits, your child must also be willing to receive services in your home or community.

Level of Care

  • Your child must need long-term support services at a level comparable to services typically provided in a skilled nursing facility and/or an acute hospital.
  • Your child must meet the Social Security Administration (SSA) definition of disability.

Eligibility Group

  • Your child must not have reached his/her 18th birthday.
  • Your child requires medical care that would typically be provided in either a skilled nursing facility and/or an acute hospital.


  • Your child’s income must be less than three times the current Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) limit per month and his or her countable resources must be less than $2,000.
  • Due to your income and/or resources, your child would not be otherwise eligible for Health First Colorado.

Benefits and Services

  • Case Management services
  • In-Home Support Services

How to Apply

To start the waiver application process, contact Vitality Care, LLC at 303-993-5033, Community Centered Board (CCB) or Private Case Management Agency.